Theun mares the power of the individual today, millions of people are disenfranchised in the true sense of the word – not because they have no money or cars, but because they feel that they are worthless and have no part to play in life



Today, millions of people are disenfranchised in the true sense of the word – not because they have no money or cars, but because they feel that they are worthless and have no part to play in life. Millions of others have some money but have become disaffected with their jobs, their Churches, their entire lives, and for the same reason – that they feel that they are nothing more than numbers in a system.

A great many of these people give up on themselves and any connection with their spirituality, remaining hungry and disillusioned – and they will remain so for as long as they believe that their God has abandoned them or is punishing them.

There is only One Truth, and One Life and it is the knowledge of this that forms the base of all true religions. What separates and divides, and causes so much strife is humanity’s tendency to compartmentalise and, in doing so, to set themselves apart from other people and other religions. It is only a short step from this to religious intolerance and aggression.

One of the effects of this intolerance is to breed more intolerance and suspicion, so that there are today a host of different churches, going their own way, and most highly suspicious of each other.

Yet all of these different churches are founded upon a truth that is based upon the One Truth, and it is an understanding, and an experience of the nature of this One Truth that will lead to the building of bridges, and to the realisation not only that we are all One, but that each and every one of us is needed in his or her true uniqueness, in order for the One to become a proper functioning whole.

However, to claim our true uniqueness, or our power, is not easy. For many people, it is far easier to hand their power over to a higher authority and simply remain as “one of the crowd”. There is a lot of security in this, and this is partly the reason why there is such a rise in fundamentalism today. However, to give up one’s power in order to blend in with some crowd, in the false hope of finding security, is to submit to slavery and to pave the way for dictatorships.

The enormous changes that are needed in the world today can be brought about through beginning with teaching individual respect and responsibility. This is because individuals form the foundations of every country. So if the people feel weak and worthless – just a number in a crowd – then that country will reflect this. If the individuals can be shown that they are worth something, then the country concerned will also reflect this.

Toltecs believe that although there are many sources, with each revealing its value, at the end of the day, it is the responsibility of each individual to learn to light his or her own candle. For it remains a fundamental truth that the power to change the world lies not in governments, but in the strength and mutual co-operation of individuals.

We are all subject to certain universal laws, like the law of gravity. What is needed is a recognition and upholding of these laws. For example, we have the law of cause and effect, which is often expressed in the phrase, “what goes round comes round”. This law is as pervasive as the law of gravity, and it applies throughout our lives. Therefore, if someone loses their job, or home or partner, it is not helpful look for someone to blame, or to blame themselves. Instead, a more life-supportive way is to accept that simply because an event happened, we are responsible for setting it up in such a way that it did happen. In everything in our lives, we are the cause as well as the solution.

This forms the basis of the Toltec approach to individual responsibility. Toltecs show how we all have to take full responsibility for whatever happens in our lives. There is no place for blaming other people. Instead, as responsible adults, because we own the responsibility, we also acknowledge that we have the power to change our circumstances.

Does this mean that there is no accountability? We are all accountable for our actions, but we also need to take responsibility for whatever we call into our lives. As we do this, we can learn not to feel victimised by our circumstances. Instead, we can learn to look upon our trials as challenges. They are there in order to help us to grow, to become stronger, wiser and ever more responsive to life.

Toltecs do not wish to start another religion; that is not our purpose, and the time for structures is past. However, we are willing to become involved in the building of bridges – to share our knowledge with existing structures and religions who wish to open themselves to a fresh insight.

Today, there are many prophets of doom, and just even to look around at the world situation is to risk becoming completely disheartened. Yet, we offer a message of hope, and a very real approach that results in true enfranchisement for those who are willing and open enough to see it.


Toltec-legacy is Theun’s online Teaching facility. This new website comprises a substantial public section, with a lot of useful resource material. However, at the heart of the website is a unique and vast teaching facility that includes, not only all of the material in Th?un’s books, but also articles and experiences from apprentices who have been working with the teachings in their daily lives, guidance given by Th?un to participants in his  retreats, as well as a very substantial volume of guidance he has given over the past 8 years to a group of people all over the world, working intensely with him on an e-forum.

As one might expect from Th?un, in addition to the substantial material and guidance, the new website is absolutely stunning in its beauty and presentation. It leads the visitor though a true experience comprising rich and deeply symbolic graphics, as well as a live musical score that has been specifically created for us.

As you know, Th?un’s work is intensely practical, and the new website will offer the sincere seeker of knowledge the opportunity of learning to work with the Toltec teachings in the context of their daily lives, and also to receive ongoing feedback and guidance. It is especially appropriate to these times when more and more people are being thrown onto their own resources, and are searching for a new forward. Will they choose for victimhood, or will they choose for a new way of being?

The new website is at I hope you enjoy it!

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